"And the Moon Shines On" - VINSKY

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  • artist:VINSKY
  • region:Eastern Europe
  • release year:2014
  • style(s):Folk, Crossover
  • country:Netherlands
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc), LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Vinsky
  • label:ZoliMusic
  • publisher:ZoliMusic
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about the album:

The music on this cd is a fresh-sounding cross-over of New European Folk. The Amsterdam and Groningen based band VINSKY plays contemporary folk songs in a wide and layered musical setting, with an unorthodox mixture of instruments.

about VINSKY:

VINSKY is the fresh sounding cross-over band of composer, musician and producer Zoli Soos, playing New European Folk. After the split up of his indie-balkan-rock band Zoli started to focus on new songwriting: contemporary folk songs in a wide and layered musical setting, with original instruments like cello, vibraphone, trumpet and electronics. His Hungarian roots are audible in the vocals and in the music as well. Vinsky plays the music Antonio Carlos Jobim could have made, if he had been born behind the Iron Curtain.

During 2011 and 2012 Zoli recorded a dozen songs at his own ZMP studios in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. The record is being mixed at the famous Tom Tom Studios in Hungary.

`Really nice music with East European roots`
`The whole audience was surprised by Vinsky`s performance and mixture of different music styles`
`Strange yet intriguing`


` ‘And the Moon Shines On’ is the début cd of Vinsky, the group initiated by multi talented musician Zoli Soos. A singer/songwriter who started writing new songs after the split of the Vinsky Projekt. On ‘And the Moon Shines On’ we’ll find a theatrical selection of songs played on acoustic instruments with a few electronics.
Zoli Soos was born Hungary. At the beginning he studied percussions but got his exam (cum laude) in composition and music production at the HKU. From that moment on he was an active composer in the groups Zorita, Vinsky - and the Barbar Project and composed music for theatre. Zoli Soos is an accessible writer of lovely music find on his first album ‘And the Moon Shines On’ form his band Vinsky. Music with a theatrical character. He used the voice, (bass)guitar, cello and percussion and add sometimes the trumpet or the accordion. Lovely how subtle the East European (Hungarian) folk music floats into music with an eye wink to Bulgaria by the accordion of guest musician Kay Krijnen (‘Tuvalu’). Most of the songs are wonderful sung by Aleksandra Popovska and Zoli Soos, in English and Hungarian. Abrupt movements and fresh instrumentions gives the music it’s special sauce. Less interesting, though, are the Brazilian influences in a few songs. ‘And the Moon Shines On’ is a personal album on which Soos fancy about every days life: ‘Lets dream, while we are awake’, he sings in ‘Carpe Diem’. A fictive flee from reality which brings lovely music!`


Press release: VINSKY: And the Moon Shines on

After three years of blood, sweat and tears, the aim has been achieved: Vinsky’s debut album, entitled And the Moon Shines On, has now been rounded off and is issued on 1 March 2014. The official release took place in Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam. The selection of this location reflects the personal character of the album, which presents a great diversity of light yet intricate music that inspires attentive listening. For this album, songwriter, musician and producer Zoli Soos has gathered together various new musicians as well as tried and trusted colleagues from current and former bands (Barbar Project, Zorita, De Dienst and Vinsky Project).

True to style, Zoli Soos has again sought out new combinations of sounds. In this latest musical project, he experiments with extraordinary fusions between instruments that are less customary in singer-songwriter music. Listeners will hear the blend of vibraphone, marimba, cello and double bass, the teamwork of trumpet and African and Brazilian percussion, and the fascinating mixture of (Bulgarian) tambura and bass guitar with electronic beats. The polyphonic vocals form a warm constant in the music.

Lucid musical starting points and choices ensure that the album can be regarded as a total composition. Soos himself sings the Hungarian pieces, while Aleksandra Popovska renders the English-language numbers. In addition, the regular formation of guitar, vocals, bass guitar, cello and percussion is supplemented and alternated with a double play of added instruments: two songs have been augmented with electronics, two with trumpet, two with accordion, and two of the tracks on the album are wholly instrumental. The total composition provides the backbone for a broad palette of instruments, styles and dynamics.

‘Let’s dream while we are awake’, is the chorus of the number Carpe Diem. The wistful ambience of the songs seeps into the texts. Soos does not shrink from incorporating personal themes in the music. In Holdutazás, these are fantasies about travelling to the moon, Más Volt rolls out Soos’s dreamworld, while On a Lake, Changes in a Human Life and Vàrok Egy Èjszakàra sing the praises of the pleasure that minor things can bring.
Zoli’s own Amsterdam-Noord also appears on the album, mainly on the album cover, depicting the rough world around the NDSM pier as a large panorama. In contrast, the instrumental Waterland forms an ode to the typical Dutch landscape immediately to the north of Amsterdam.

The album was mixed in the Tom Tom Stúdió of Attila Kölcsènyi in Budapest, Hungary. The mastering was performed by Alex Geurink (Studio West Hoogland), a reliable partner of Soos due to previous successful collaboration on one of The Vinsky Project albums. The album was made possible by a number of donors via the crowdfunding site www.voordekunst.nl.

And the Moon Shines On presents an album full of adventurous songwriting. It is music to fire your imagination: the numbers are contemplative and atmospheric, but are simultaneously stratified and full of music details. No artistic concessions are apparent: the band has managed to create an individual and vital world of sound. The careful harmonies, the polyphonic vocals, the extensive range of instruments, the rhythmic diversity: these all contribute to a self-evident musical originality that makes this album a rich musical experience.

The album is not only available on CD but will also be issued on vinyl. At the album presentation in Amsterdam, the band will consist of five musicians (polyphonic vocals, guitar, bass guitar, cello, trumpet, percussion, electronics). The band formation during the presentation tour will differ per occasion, so that each concert will be a unique experience for the listener.