Ta Dhom Project – Viveick Rajagopalan

Ta Dhom Project – Viveick Rajagopalan


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  • country:India
  • label:not signed
  • artist posted by:Viveick

Line up

  • Finix Ramdas (violin)
  • MC Artslord  (rapper)
  • MC Mawali  (rapper)
  • MC Tod Fod  (rapper)
  • Shovon Mukherjee  (bass)
  • Viveick Rajagopalan  (percussion)


In his Ta Dhom project, mridangam maestro Viveick Rajagopalan creates a new sub-genre of Indian hip-hop, using the rhythmic language of Konnakol from the classical Carnatic tradition as a foundation for the rhythmic poetry of urban rap. Viveick began playing the double headed mridangam drum at the age of nine. Classically trained but transcending genres, he has performed with artists such as Shri Sriram, Richard Bona and Jethro Tull. The project grew out of a series of informal teaching sessions in a Mumbai park, where he met up with rappers Aklesh Sutar aka MC Malawi and Dharmesh Parmar aka DJ Tod Fod, part of Mumbai's thriving regional rap scene. Sutar raps in Murathi, Parmar in Gujurati. Ta Dhom Project is a unique and exciting rhythm meeting point.