Sauvage FM
  • country:France
  • region:Brittany
  • style(s):Zouk, Moombahton
  • label:VLAD Productions
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, DJ/Remixer
  • instrumentation:electronic, percussion
  • artist posted by:VLAD Productions

Line up

  • Alexis Deslandes (producer, dj)


Back in 2010, Sauvage FM used to be some kind of techno-punk live electronics
act : Kiksnare playing the synths and MC Pierre singing and playing the samples.
The heavy live set-up is a bit heavy; and after a couple of gigs Sauvage FM
becomes a DJ set. At this time, Kiksnare is under re-education: still grateful
for The Prodigy and the Thunderdome scene, he's under the influence of MC
Pierre's ghetto-folk label (Vlad). Together, they will find a common ground with
nu-kuduro, nueva cumbia, zouk bass and moombahton sounds.
Dismissing cracked plugs and drumboxes, Sauvage FM starts working on collabs
with other Vlad artists to include acoustic vibes in his sounds. Not to forget
some cheap synth in a brazilian tecnobrega style.
After a couple of EPs, experimenting around big beat, dubstep or moombahton, the
first LP is released in 2015, as an achievement of the writing process, with
100% original tracks.
As MC Pierre keeps on recording accordions and guitar for Sauvage FM; Kiksnare
also works with Szam Varadino (Berlin) on a cumbia EP and with RĂ©mi L (Paris) on
somme reggaeton/kuduro tracks.
Today, Kiksnare still spends his nights watching some south-american and african
music documentaries on YouTube. In a country fulfilled with house music and
drum'n'bass, Sauvage FM explores the planet's grooves with a DJ set that gives
the evidence that one can play electronic music without forgetting to play