Zoufris Maracas " Bleu de Lune" cover
Zoufris Maracas Live in Séte
Zoufris Maracas
Zoufris Remix


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ZOUFRIS MARACAS, it's this band of 'metis chanson" , with cheeky libertarian lyrics, and international groove, leading you to dance and think

15 years already since they started spreading their music , from the Paris'subway to the . cafés of the south of France .. then slowly but surely in the biggest venues and festivals of France , with a growing , cheerful and faithful audience !

No matter the difficulties, the bad seeds of "chanson française" keep on promoting their latest critically aclaimed LP "Bleu de Lune" , with a serie of singles/Remixs, with a 4 tracks already released : "Mon Ami Mon Frére" , revisited by portugese producer Pedro, featuring the shiny brasilian singer Flavia Coehlo, "Bleu de lune" by Pupkulies & Rebecca, "Explosif" by Blundetto and "Et si demain" by the DJ King Doudou.

On the Live side, Zoufris have more than 40 gigs already confirmed ( including famous festivals Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Musicalarue, Bout du Monde, Parole & Musique, No Logo.. and a Cabaret Sauvage sold-out .. )

Available all year long with the live beasts Super Combo band !

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