Walboomers Music B.V.

Sounds without borders, Independent music from around the globe.

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In 1996, at a time when the music industry was dominated by physical sales, a new player entered the scene: Walboomers Music. Founded with a vision to become a leading independent record label, the company quickly established itself as a reputable force in the industry. In its first decade, Walboomers Music produced numerous national and international hits, earning a reputation as a respected name in the music business. When Walboomers Music first burst onto the music scene, we were determined to shatter the glass ceiling for underrepresented genres such as R&B/Hip-Hop, Latin/Caribbean and African/World music. We recognized that these styles of music were often overlooked and undervalued in the mainstream, and we set out to change that. Through our relentless efforts, we were able to play a part in shifting the cultural landscape and usher in a new era of musical appreciation.

Walboomers Music played an important role in promoting these genres such in the Dutch and European markets and opening the doors for others to discover and appreciate them. For example, one of the first major successes for Walboomers Music in the Reggae Dancehall genre came with the release of "Gimme The Light" by Sean Paul, which was the first release that made it to the national charts for Walboomers Music and in the Bachata R&B genre with the release of “Obsesion” by Aventura. This was a significant achievement and helped to establish Walboomers Music as part of the leading force in the promotion and marketing of Latin/Caribbean music in the Netherlands and Europe. Moreover, the company signed Lange Frans & Baas B who became Dutch Hip Hop legends with several number one positions in the Netherlands, creating an opening for more commercial national R&B/Hip-Hop music to gain popularity. These genres are now beloved staples in the music industry, enjoyed by countless people around the world.

What sets Walboomers Music apart from most music labels is our unwavering commitment to developing artists and their music, rather than simply releasing their music. We believe in creating a rich and vibrant life for these genres and the artists who embody them. To compete with larger labels who may have more resources, we rely on our creativity and innovation to develop new talents and processes. As a result, our company has become known for its flexibility and agility. At Walboomers Music, we believe that this approach is key to achieving our mission of elevating underrepresented genres and creating a more diverse and inclusive music industry for all.

As the industry landscape began to shift due to technological advancements and declining sales of physical music, Walboomers Music adapted to the changing times. In 2007, the company expanded its focus to the music publishing and management. Today, the company continues to seek out and promote musical talents from the Netherlands and around the world. This commitment solidifies its place as a dynamic and forward-thinking label, constantly pushing boundaries and discovering new talent. We acted as a catalyst for both emerging and established artists and producers, including renowned artists like Eva Simons who have achieved global success with hits alongside Afrojack and will.i.am, and Danny Vera, who we helped to structure his path to a successful career during his partnership with Walboomers Music from 2010 to 2015. In addition, Walboomers Music played a key role in the early career development of Grammy award-winning producer Tearce "Kizzo" Keaz. Overall, our work with these artists and producers, along with others, demonstrates our ability to kick-start and shape successful careers. This approach not only helps the artists grow and succeed but also provides opportunities for our employees to gain valuable experience and pursue their professional career in the music industry. In today's world, where music is omnipresent, our commitment to discovering and promoting exceptional talent continues to fuel our passion for the industry.

Despite the challenges we face as a smaller entity, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to developing and promoting underrepresented genres and artists. And now, as we look towards the future, our mission is to ensure the longevity of our label and continue to stand apart from larger, established majors. To achieve this goal, we recognize that we must be adaptable and forward-thinking. We are constantly exploring new ways to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, from experimenting with new technologies to collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds. While our current mission is to ensure our own longevity as a label, we also recognize the larger impact that we can have on the world of music and beyond.



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