Black Santiago

Black Santiago
band photo
  • country:Benin
  • style(s):Funk, Vodou
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:WAX Booking

Line up

  • Baudouin VALETTE  (Percussionist, Bongos)
  • Christophe CODJI  (Singer, percussionist)
  • Gildas ZOUNON  (Percussionniste, Talking-drums)
  • GOBY (Solo guitar, singer, percussionist, conductor)
  • Gontrand GUEDOU  (Trombonist, percussionist)
  • Idelphonse GOMEZ  (Singer, percussionist)
  • Narcisse LOKO  (Pianist, Percussionist, Singer)
  • Patrice M’BOUEKE  (Bassist)
  • Prudence AHLONSOU  (Trumpeter, singer, percussionist)
  • Roméo OKOUADE  (Beater)


Founded in 1964 by Ignace, Black Santiago is the oldest group from the African continent still performing.

A versatile group, they master all the musical styles of Africa, such as high-life, Congolese rumba and afrobeat, a style that the group invented in the mid-1960s, before Fela Kuti made it a truly pan-African and universal phenomenon. The orchestra draws an impressive collective strength, well-versed in all the vicissitudes but faithful to the musical foundations that they master to perfection.

With a rich discography, past and future, Black Santiago naturally belongs to the history of the great amplified orchestras of West Africa. This legend finally leaves the African continent for 2023 to deliver feverish concerts where sincere emotions and deep vibrations are legion.

•Résidence France / Juin 2023
•Tour Europe / Juin – Juillet 2023
•Album 2023 Label TBA
•Film “Black Santiago Club” Mars 2023 avec CANAL+