• country:Benin
  • style(s):Funk, Vodou
  • label:not signed
  • artist posted by:Wax Booking

Line up

  • Baudouin VALETTE  (Percussionist, Bongos)
  • Christophe CODJI  (Singer, percussionist)
  • Gildas ZOUNON  (Percussionniste, Talking-drums)
  • GOBY (Solo guitar, singer, percussionist, conductor)
  • Gontrand GUEDOU  (Trombonist, percussionist)
  • Idelphonse GOMEZ  (Singer, percussionist)
  • Narcisse LOKO  (Pianist, Percussionist, Singer)
  • Patrice M’BOUEKE  (Bassist)
  • Prudence AHLONSOU  (Trumpeter, singer, percussionist)
  • Roméo OKOUADE  (Beater)

Started in 1964 by legendary trumpet player Ignace de Souza, in Cotonou, Benin, Black Santiagos orchestra stands as one of the longest if not the oldest active orchestra in Africa’s modern music history. Led by Goby Valette, the band masters all kinds of music from rumba to jazz, rhythm’n’blues to highlife, French pop to Benin’s traditional sato and of course Afro-Latin and afrobeat music to which the band was one of the creator when a young visiting sax player from Lagos fell in awe with drummer Lox’s rhythms and De Souza’s dynamics. Black Santiagos belongs to the history of great African music. Now out on the road outside Africa for the first time, the orchestra is set to masterful sets, where true emotions and deep vibrations abound.