Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen
Peter Knight
Dung Nguyen


Electro acoustic world fusion
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  • country:Australia
  • style(s):Electronic, Global Fusion
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Way Out West

Line up

  • Dung Nguyen (Dan bau and dan tranh (Vietnamese zithers))
  • Peter Knight (Laptop electronics and trumpet)


Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen's Residual

Peter Knight trumpet, laptop and voice
Dung Nguyen prepared dan tranh and dan bau

Residual features Peter Knight and Dung Nguyen who are both members of the acclaimed cross-cultural jazz ensemble Way Out West. In this project the pair develop unique approaches to combining Vietnamese and Western music elements in a contemporary setting employing innovative extended techniques applied to traditional Vietnamese instruments and trumpet along with spontaneous electro-acoustic composition.
Dung's instruments have a range of possibilities that are rarely explored. In particular the single string dan bau offers amazing possibilities with its indeterminate pitch and unearthly timbre. Similarly the 16-string zither, the dan tranh, has a range of possibilties rarely explored. In Residual Dung explores several unconventional tuning systems he has developed as well as a range of preparations for the instrument creating a range of tonal and percussive effects.

Individual Biographies
Dung Nguyen is one of Australia's leading Vietnamese traditional musicians and is also a jazz guitarist. Among his instruments are the dan tranh, dan bau, dan nhi and dan nguyet all of which he learnt from his grandfather continuing a tradition of many generations. In the last ten years he has become increasingly interested in contemporary western guitar traditions, and in the fusion of these with Vietnamese stringed instrument traditions. He holds a Bachelor of Music (jazz guitar) from the Monash Conservatorium and in 2002 year he won their foundation prize. In addition to being a founding member of the internationally acclaimed cross-cultural ensemble, Way Out West, Dung regularly tours with a variety of Australian and international artists. He recently performed an extended season at the Edinburgh Festival with Hayley Clare's Tribute to Eva Cassidy, Thuy Nga Paris By Night and appears regularly with the Grand Union Orchestra (UK). Dung is also a composer and has written music for productions including Vietnamese Youth Media's Aussie Biaom and Vietboy from Downunder. In 2003 he was commissioned by the Melbourne Theatre Company to compose the score for Coup D'tat.

Peter Knight is a Melbourne based trumpeter and composer well known for the eclecticism of his musical output. He is a highly regarded jazz performer nominated for an APRA award in 2008 for Jazz Composition of the Year. He has toured extensively with his quartet whose second album All the Gravitation of Silence was released on the Jazzhead label in 2006. In addition to his quartet, Peter also leads the 5+2 Brass Ensemble. 5+2's 2005 release, Invisible Cities and Other Works (Rufus Records) received excellent local and international reviews including being named one of the top-ten releases of 2005/2006 in New York's Cadence Magazine. In addition Peter leads the acclaimed cross-cultural ensemble, Way Out West (Footscray Station Newmarket 2003, Old Grooves for New Streets Jazzhead 2007). This group toured the world in mid 2008 performing at prestigious international festivals including Montreal and Vancouver jazz festivals in Canada, and Veneto Jazz Festival in Italy. Peter has also composed chamber music and most recently was commissioned write a work for the Dead Horse Ensemble, which was premiered at the Forum in Melbourne in February 2007. He has composed for theatre, for short films, and created sound installations. He is also the co-artistic director of art-sound company, Double Venturi, which presented The Current at Melbourne Town Hall in July 2006. In addition, Peter has recorded and performed with a range of Australian and international artists including: Erik Griswold's 'Wide Alley' and 'Ecstatic Music' projects, Adam Simmons, Fiona Burnett, Adrian Sherriff's 'Oynsemble', Hugh Fraser Quintet (Canada), Quinsin Nachoff (Canada), Nigel McLean, Grand Union Orchestra (UK), Allan Browne, Ren Walters' 'This Ensemble', Giorgio Magnanensi (Italy), Christian Pruvost (France), Stephen Magnusson, The Violent Femmes (USA), Spiderbait, Mista Savona, You Am I, and reggae stars Luciano, and Horace Andy.