Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall

Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall
Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall
Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall


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  • country:Sweden
  • style(s):Folk, Scandinavian
  • label:Westpark Music
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Westpark Music

Line up

  • Daniel Ek  (harpguitar)
  • Emma Ahlberg  (fiddle)
  • Niklas Roswall  (nyckelharpa, moraharpa)


Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall have played together a few years and are now releasing their first album. The idea for the trio began when Emma was a guest musician with the now defunct band Ranarim, which included Daniel and Niklas.The three musicians played a few informal shows together, with great success, and the trio was formed.
Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall perform in concert and play for dance in Sweden and abroad. All three musicians have a deep appreciation for the old traditional folk music, and most of their material originates in their home regions of Skane and Medelpad, but their repertoire is perfectly balanced with original tunes.The group arranges all their music together and they draw inspiration from both folk music and other styles

Emma Ahlberg was born in Sundsvall a provincial town in the middle of Sweden. She was brought up in a family of musicians, surrounded by music, much of which was in the folk music genre. At the age of five she began playing the fiddle and has over the years developed her own distinctly strong and personal style. She has also studied Swedish folk music at Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. - Emma appears regularly both as a performer and teacher in Sweden and is a member of several Swedish folkmusic groups. - In the summer of 2010 she became a Riksspelman which is one of the highest accolades within Swedish folk music.

Daniel Ek was born and raised Vuollerim, a small town in the far north of Sweden, in Lapland. He began playing guitar at a young age and now works both as a freelance musician and music teacher.
Daniel is a sensitive musician who is active in many different genres such as rock, blues, classical, but it is Swedish folkmusic that lies closest to his heart. - Daniel has also developed his own individual style for either accompanying other musicians, or playing the melody, which has lead him to be a constantly sought after musician.

Niklas Roswall comes from the small village of Kverrestad in Skane. He began playing the fiddle, but soon thereafter switched to the nyckelharpa.
Niklas became a Riksspelman 1992 and won the title of World champion of chromatic nyckelharpa in 1996. Since graduating from music studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, he has worked as folk musician in a variety of contexts, for example in Nyckelharporkestern and in the duo "Step on it" together with Ian Carr. Niklas was also one of the original members of Ranarim.