"Alpha" - Alpcologne

Alpcologne Alpha


Three alphorns and vocals. The concept of the band arises from its unusual "instrumentation." - The warm, rich sound of the 4-meter-long traditional instruments encounters the expressiveness and melodic flexibility of the voice.

The musical restrictions of the alphorns, which are limited to the production of "natural notes," prove to be a fascinating challenge. Like the explorers of past centuries, Alpcologne can experiment with its own sound - playing Folk, Ska, Tango, Mambo, Cajun, Bluegrass, and Oriental music, for example. Whether original compositions or reinterpretations, vocals and alphorns meld to an exciting musical entity. Instead of postcard romanticism, lively world music is created. Always surprising, and with the right touch of humor, Alpcologne takes its audience on a journey through familiar and unknown territory. And the possibilities have not yet been exhausted …