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Line up

  • Axel Olle Sigurd Andersson  (keyboards, guitar)
  • Christian Augustin  (drums, percussion)
  • Daniel Wejdin  (bass, double bass)
  • Frida Johansson  (keys, violin, backing vocals)
  • Johan Asplund  (trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals)
  • Simon Issát Marainen  (jojk, lead vocals, lyrics)

ARA goes against the stream
You cannot suppress a living language. It lives and thrives in the spoken word, in musical expressions and in our personal relations. Language will always find its own ways in new acquaintances, recurring conversations and the unbending force of creativity.
As modern society grows, thoughtless bureaucracy all too easily tramples minorities down. The strength and resistance against this movement is first and foremost found with the people, in their everyday life. This is where ARA claims their space, in the meeting between the personal, the Sami tradition and visionary energy.

With their first studio album "O", ARA created new paths for jojk as an art form. A musical meeting that bridged cultural borders. - Here's the video from the upcoming new 2014 album "Vuoste Virdai" (Against the stream).