Blodig, Kerstin
Kerstin Blodig


"Trollsang" (also Galder or old Norse Galdr) is a song with magical power. The verb "gale" in old Norse meant to sing in a high-pitched voice. According to the Vikings, if you did this, you had been exposed to troll songs. You can still find the word "gal" - meaning crazy -in the Scandinavian languages today. The Norse god, Odin, is said to have had a collection of troll songs for all occasions - one to calm the raging waves, one to soothe hate, another one to inspire love and passion in a female heart.

The CD "Trollsang" is a collection of songs and tunes dealing not only with the subterranean people, but also about being spellbound - not only by trolls, but also by the fascination of old folk tales, ancient beliefs, and the very beauty of music itself - about magical moments when old meets new. Three instrumental pieces, four medieval ballads, two sung dance tunes, and three atmospheric songs - twelve exciting musical tales about grumpy mountain giants, malicious water sprites, mystical elves and seductive wood nymphs - display Kerstin Blodig's talents as a composer, arranger and as a versatile musician.

"Trollsang" is not meant to be a purist traditional folk album. Kerstin Blodig's love of Norwegian traditional music and her passion for groovy modern guitar music (as with her "guitar heroines and heroes" Vicki Genfan, Don Ross and Michael Hedges) let her successfully combine these two different elements to create an exciting, innovative blend of old and new. Her expressive, sensual vocals mix with her virtuoso guitar playing or her groovy bodhran technique.

The arrangements on the album are rather minimalistic. Most of the songs and tunes are live reproduceable in Kerstin Blodig's solo performances. On four ensemble pieces out of twelve tracks, Kerstin Blodig is accompanied by her marvellous colleagues such as Ian Melrose on whistles and electric guitar, Kristine Heeboll on fiddle, Urs Fuchs on percussion and Peter Jakk on bass.