"Sequel" - Euzen

Euzen "Sequel"
Euzen press pic 2011


Taken from the album "Sequel"
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Euzen is a highly talented and ambitious band, situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music is experimental, progressive and alternative with focus on the good melody as the cornerstone of every piece.

Floating on an endless up drift of creativity, Euzen releases their second album “Sequel” October 2011. The band dives even deeper into their love of groundbreaking beats, appealing melodies and electronical soundscapes. Their self-made universe is increasingly defined and perfective, taking their listeners firmly by the hand and guiding them through their strangely addictive melodies. Their compositions are new and bold, elegantly held together by an experimenting and eagerly creative electronic frame. Their feeling for intensity and excitement in every little sound is worked through to the bones, leaving the total impression of a well-composed complexity, fit for both the listener ready to explore and the ones going for the instant kick.