Harald Haugaard

Harald Haugaard
Harald Haugaard
Harald Haugaard


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  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Folk, Crossover
  • label:Westpark Music
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, string
  • artist posted by:Westpark Music

Line up

  • Hal Parfitt-Murray (viola)
  • Harald Haugaard (violin)
  • Kirstine Elise Pedersen (cello)
  • Mattias Peréz (guitar)
  • Roger Tallroth (guitar)
  • Sune Rahbek (percussion)
  • Tapani Varis (double bass, Jew's harp)


In the past 15 years Harald Haugaard has established himself as one of Denmark's most acknowledged musicians. In his virtuoso fiddle playing he combines the playful ease with a rich and melancholy sound. His compositions are contemporary, original and in his overall artistic work deeply rooted in the rich Danish musical tradition. In the creation of music and performing Haugaard is an artist who is inquisitive and continuously searches for something new. He is undoubtedly rooted in traditional Danish music but brings with him a contemporary flair. The British music magazine fRoots has hailed him as one of the world's best folk fiddlers and the venerable classic string magazine The Strad regards Haugaard as a "charismatic virtuoso" in their review of his concert at London's King's Place in April 2009 saying: "Wonderfully clean playing and dynamic delivery".