"The Great Polka Swindle" - Polkaholix



You think German polkas are only good for lederhosen? - Check out the POLKAHOLIX! Clear your minds, pull on your sweats and: May the 2/4s be with you!

No Polka - no fun! Whithout Polka there is no TexMex, no Merengue, no Ska, no Punk, no - I don't know what. Firstly: no Rock'n Roll. - What, you didn't know that? POLKAHOLIX show you how its done. They have re-animated the Polka tradition, understandably in their own way. 2/4 time and off you go – this is Speed-Polka.

The POLKAHOLIX ‘ songs are well-known. Every German has hummed, sung or danced to them. New, however, is the way that they are presented by these Polka-maniacs. Germany, Bohemia, the Caribbean, Rock & Roll, Africa, local pub atmosphere, all that and more appears at some time and, mixed with each other, drags the listener into a grandiose sense of well-being and makes one addicted.

Carl Finsh, Grammy awarded Mastermind of Brave Combo, is a POLKAHOLIX-fan from the beginning; here's an extract from his liner notes:

"The POLKAHOLIX are offering a mucho exciting, uplifting musical journey to a place where ego and self-consciousness don't belong. In fact, they are playing the most modern music of all, inviting the world to shift its stubborn perspective and embrace the magic. Just listen to these mighty grooves. POLKAHOLIX polka-based worldview is right on target, employing perfect tension and release. There are elements of ska, klezmer, Cajun, big band swing, Irish punk, traditional folk and rock and roll all rolled into one big polka party."

"Polka is one of the antidotes and POLKAHOLIX are ready with a potent injection of melody and rhythm. Have fun! Damn it!!"