Talking Horns

Talking Horns
Born to be horn
Talking Horns


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  • country:Germany
  • style(s):Fusion, Jazz
  • label:Westpark Music
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Quartet
  • instrumentation:instrumental, brass
  • artist posted by:Westpark Music

Line up

  • Achim Fink (trombone, basstrumpet, tenorhorn, tuba, susaphone)
  • Andreas Gilgenberg (altsaxophone )
  • Bernd Winterschladen (tenor- + baritonsaxophone, bassclarinet)
  • Richard Hellenthal (trombone, tuba, susaphone)


Four men, a little wood, a lot of brass - and a whole arsenal of multifarious percussion instruments: Talking Horns enchant and entertain with musical stories from their past, present and future, told in their own, highly eloquent musical diction. Purists and category fetishists be warned: Talking Horns speak equally to the mind and the emotions - to the delight of the "average listener" (if she really exists) and the jazz aficionado alike. For the Talking Horns, jazz is the universal musical language, one that speaks directly to all hearts everywhere.

The four musicians take us on a virtuoso musical voyage from free jazz to New Orleans with stopovers at swing and bebop - seamlessly and with self-deprecating irony, and without insider attitude. When these horns start talking the joint starts jumping - and grooving and swinging and stomping and even getting' down funky. White-hot horn arrangements alternate with lyrical, introspective passages, and temperamental excursions into the world of Latin rhythms magically morph into adventures in avant garde chamber music.

The great fascination of the Talking Horns is the way they unfold their imaginative musical microcosm without the use of "special effects": no rhythm backup, no electronics, no amplifiers. The musicians bring to the stage an exceptional virtuosity and a total love of performing live music which inspires them to wrest from their instruments every remotely possible variety of sound, enabling them to create an incredible variety of sonic and musical structures. Through constant role reversals (such as when the saxophone plays the baseline to a tuba solo) the Talking Horns achieve a musical density almost orchestral in scope - you can almost see a big band if you just close your eyes ...