Trance Groove

Trance Groove
Trance Groove

Line up

  • Bernd Winterschladen (sax)
  • Dal Martino (bass)
  • Helmut Zerlett (keyb)
  • Jürgen Dahmen (p, g, congas)
  • Stefan Krachten (drums, percussion)
  • Thomas Kessler (synth)


United Grooves of Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Trip-Hop, Dub and Reggae

The name of this band is the name of the game: A solid rhythm basis of powerful bass lines and tight drumming, artistically complemented by keyboard pads, skillfully applied samples and scratches, tastefully decorated with improvisations by excellent soloists. Trance Groove is obviously inspired by bands like Can (the band members knew each other quite well), and at the same time a mothership for bands like Nighthawks, Bassculture and Trance Club - among others.

Founding member Stefan Krachten (drums, percussion) is well known through Dunkelziffer, Walk of the Elephants and The Unknown Cases which had a major hit in 1984 with the dance classic "Masimbabele" - one of the first Worldmusic hits (remixed 1989 by Adrian Sherwood). Krachtens drum playing is based on the unique drum technique developed by Jaki Liebezeit (Can, Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell, Brian Eno) in order to avoid usual stereotypes and play rhythms according to their origins (perfectly demonstrated on "koan" on the actual album).

Co-Founder and bass player Dal Martino's other projects include Nighthawks and Phoenix. Trance Groove is completed by: Helmut Zerlett keyb (The Unknown Cases, Dunkelziffer). Thomas Kessler - synth (Dissidenten), DJ Heli - turntables (Klaus Doldinger, Jean Park), Jrgen Dahmen - p, g, congas (Propaganda) and Bernd Winterschladen - sax (Talking Horns).

Actual album: "Orange"