Ulla van Daelen
Ulla van Daelen: Metharposis


Metharphosis – who isn't reminded of a butterfly, of transformation, of metamorphosis? In my opinion the symbol of the butterfly can be transferred and used in conjunction with the harp: They are both light, whimsical and beautiful - awakening a fascination within us as they seem fragile yet so powerful. - The harp is often known only as an orchestral instrument. I would like to transform it into a glowing butterfly.

Some of the best musicians available helped to shape the compositions: Saxophone legend Charlie Mariano, voice wonder Peter Fessler, turkish musicians Selcuk Sahinoglu and Fethi Ak, Berthold Matschat, keyboard and jazz mouth organ and my faithful fellow musicians Urs Fuchs (b,perc) Mario Argandona (perc), Klaus Mages (perc), Bernd Keul (b,keyb) and Natasha Pederson (oboe).