Taken from the upcoming album "Palla Orka" (p+c 2012 Westpark Music)
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Line up

  • Frida Johansson
  • Johan Airijoki
  • Love Kjellsson
  • Pär I. Poromaa


Melancholy, romanticism and nostalgia. Three words that defines the foundation of Vaeaerts electronic pop music.

Vaeaert is a band with roots in Swedish Lapland. Johan Airijoki and Paer I. Poromaa began making music together in the remote mining town Malmberget. When they met violinist Frida Johansson and sound artist Love Kjellsson the band was formed. In May 2010 they released their debut album Sommarfagel. The album received good reviews and the album release was followed by concerts in Sweden and Germany. The group's second album Palla Orka was released on Westpark Music in 2012. New album Spring 2014.