"Palla Orka" - Väärt

Väärt "Palla OrKa" (Westpark Music)
Väärt (Westpark Music)


Taken from the album "Palla Orka" (p+c 2012 Westpark Music )
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  • artist:Väärt
  • region:Nordic
  • release year:2012
  • style(s):Ambient, Pop
  • country:Sweden
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Westpark Music
  • label:Westpark Music
  • publisher:Westpark Music & Publishing

Melancholy, romanticism and nostalgia - Three words that defines the foundation of Väärts electronic pop music. And: Northern Sweden has never previously been portrayed in pop.

Growing up north of the Arctic Circle and migrating south is not only a physical wide travel but also a inner journey that is not completely painless and unproblematic. When someone leaves a familiar place things change and after a time away from home, this place is seen from a different perspective. There is a feeling of loss since the movement creates a distance from what once was. But distance might be necessary in order to live in peace with that someones history. Väärts second album Palla Orka reflects this reality both in the tone of text themes and musical coloring. Here an individual perspective reflects the universal feelings concerning being and time, relationships and life´s fragile nature. The music mediates the lyrics; dreamy melodies painting northern landscapes.