White Camel Inh. Pinhasov / Umez-Eronini / Zehavi GbR

White Camel is a content incubator for culturally diverse artists, providing turn-key solutions for labels, musicians, publishers and brands.

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We increasingly live in a world of reclaimed and dislocated identities, and furthermore we are clearly witnessing a period of significant migration globally. It's becoming more difficult for many of us to answer the questions ‘where are you from?’ or ‘what music do you listen to?’

While the variety of cultures and forms of expression are more present, perceptions often remain in the frame of old genre groupings, refusing border crossings between them.

White Camel takes a balanced approach and finds the delicate way to keep these differences intact on the one hand while bridging between them on the other.

White represents the new, the western and the clean aesthetics of our creative productions. The Camel is the hardy traveller, carrying a ‘cultural hump’, connected to ancient and spiritual origins to which it must remain true.

Our guiding principles are four simple words; Authenticity, Diversity, Positivity and Quality.

We are experts ourselves in successfully navigating the cross-cultural journey throughout our entire lives.

We are White Camel.

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  • WOMEX 2019