Beautiful Haiyan

Beautiful Haiyan
2015 Young Dream Inspiration Festival
The purpose of the "Beautiful Haiyan" Concert Series was to create a true form of World Music that is uniquely Taiwanese.
  • country:Taiwan
  • style(s):Folk, Indigenous
  • label:Wild Fire Music of Taiwan
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, singer songwriter, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:Wild Fire Music of Taiwan

Line up

  • CHANG WEN HAN (Vocal singer, Piano)
  • CHEN CHUN HUI (Vocal singer, Guitar)
  • Chen Yon Lon (Vocal singer, Djembe)
  • Linnga (Vocal singer)
  • Tipus (Vocal singer)
  • TSENG JEN YI (Guitar)


They have been forging a modern path for traditional and Taiwanese folk music as a singer and percussionist with "Beautiful Haiyan", a group of like-minded indigenous musicians that holds ensemble and solo performances across Taiwan. As a collective, "Beautiful Haiyan" aims to bring a new sound to Taiwanese folk music.