"Tribute To Falangaw" - Ceko

Tribute to Falangaw


Ceko is Amis from the Falangaw Tribe in Taitung. Known as the first "Aboriginal Diva", Ceko is the first indigenous artist who achieved wide popularity across Asia.

When still young, Ceko often sang as a guest on a local radio program. After winning a local singing competition in 1963 and a national one in 1969, she was signed by Cheng Sheng Broadcasting Corp as a singer. In the following years, Ceko recorded numerous albums in many record companies and then ended up creating around 100 indigenous songs, many of which became the greatest hits in the history of Taiwanese indigenous popular music.

"Tribute To Falangaw" is the latest album of Ceko, in which the senior Diva shows her everlasting passion in music and also the deep identification with the Amis culture she came from.