Chen Yon Lon


Chen Yon-lon and veteran musician Lee Tzu-heng traveled to the mainland, performing in Beijing, Shanghai, Xia­men and elsewhere, and earning rave reviews from both sides of the strait. During this time, Chen performed his new album’s lead single, “Coastline,” several times.

“Coastline” tells a story of a life that when viewed up close appears like a rugged reef, but from a distance, a beautiful, curving coastline.“If ‘Mt. Dawu’ was a song that reminded me of my mother, ‘Coastline’ is one that reminds me of my father,” says Yon-lon.

*Received The award for "Best 10 Songs of the Year" at 2013 Chinese Music Awards in Guang­zhou * Golden Melody Awards Finalist, "Best Song of the Year", "Best Compose", "Best Lyricist", 2013