“Legendary Spirits of Dance” Wins Gold Medal in Global Music Awards

Legendary Spirits of Dance wins Global Music Awards
Producers of Legendary Spirits of Dance

Album: Legendary Spirits of Dance
Release Date: 2020.12.31
Label: Wild Fire Music

"The album is a collision of two worlds: one is of the mountains, and the other of electricity."

"...mysterious indigenous electronic vibe that comes forth as a cosmos telegram sent from the deep forest." -music critic, Dali Qui

Global Music Awards have announced their latest honorees on August 13th, and among the nine gold medalists is “Legendary Spirits of Dance”, the latest album of Wild Fire Music.

The album is a bold experiment that combines indigenous tunes with electronic music. It imagines a world in which the traditional songs of Taiwan’s indigenous people have been invited to a nocturnal rave in a subtropical rainforest vibrating to the beat of trip-hop and trance.

Wild Fire Music’s Elaine Hsiung came up with the concept for the album. Having dedicated herself to producing pop and world music for more than 30 years, Hsiung was inspired by the words of Quincy Jones, about how music producers “…make a desperate escape to get down into the subconscious,” which he says is the source of some of the best musical inspiration. That led to the birth of Legendary Spirits of Dance, an album that seeks to connect with the subconscious by merging the indigenous melodies of Taiwan with trip hop.

Hsiung and her team recruited four cross-disciplinary musicians to produce the tracks on the album: Alex Lee, Suana Emuy Cilangasay, Xiao He and Waven. Each brought a wealth of music experience to the table, informing their creative decisions. The final product reflects the immense challenges of combining the free vocal stylings of Taiwan’s indigenous people with the regulated beats of trip hop.

Upon hearing the final mixed version of the album, Producer Elaine Hsiung was moved to tears. “I may not understand the lyrics word-for-word,” she said. “But this is music that transcends the barriers of language.”

article posted by:De Yun Li, Wild Fire Music of Taiwan