Line up

  • Jacek Hałas (prepared piano, accordion)
  • Maciej Filipczuk (fiddle)
  • Marcin Pospieszalski (double bass)
  • Michał Żak (clarinet, flute, shawm, sampler )


Lautari are Michael Zak on clarinet, flute and shawn, bassist Marcin Pospieszalski, fiddle player Maciej Filipczuk and Jacek Halas on prepared piano and accordion. Together they explore the fertile musical terrain of old Polish village dance tunes, invoking them to new life by setting them free to wander into the ethereal world of jazz extrapolation, improvisation and celebration with influences of spirited art-rock grandiosity. The band was first formed in 2000 and performed together until 2008, playing modern ethno-jazz rooted in the tradition of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and Caucasus, equally at home playing accompaniment for dancers or participating in avant-garde music projects. They reformed as a quartet in 2016 for the release of their album, Vol 67, their first project fully dedicated to Polish folk music, which was recorded live at the Lodz Philharmonic.