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Portuguese-Capeverdian cross-over talent SARA TAVARES

Album "Balance" Gold in Portugal
New single "Bom Feeling" receives good airplay in Europe and used in commercial in Portugal
Confirmed for showcase Global Fest 2007 New York (part of APAP Convention)

The new album XINTI in the press:

Sara Tavares live at the Barbican, London (May 2009):

Lusaphone lushness of Sara Tavares, who played instantly memorable songs from her new album Xinti, bright with ukulele and her own acoustic guitar. FINANCIAL TIMES - UK ****
World music 'goth father' Charlie Gillet said after her live gig in London for BBC 3 radio:

"I was bowled over by Sara Tavares' live performance, having already been bedazzled by her guitar playing during a session recorded for World on BBC 3 two days earlier."


"the songs Sara Tavares has written here are bursting with warmth."


"The title of the new album is 'Xinti' which means as much as 'Feel it'. It is no trouble at all to actualy do that. (...) We hear wonderful backing vocals, delicious light dialogues between percussion and drums, a camel walk on bass, moving guitar riffs, a flute or ukelele in teh distance and that o so clear, heavenish voice of Tavares. If you put on this record you'll be whisteling though your day before you know it." PAROOL - NL


"Xinti is Tavares best album sofar. The songs are more exciting and fuller. A solid atmosphere to sink away in."


"Sara Tavares has refined her profession of singer songwriter. You have to listen several times to Xinti in order to discover the introspective beauty behind the soft pulsating melodies and rhythms."


"Sara Tavares - Musical citizen of the world."


"Tavares' new album Xinti is a sensual record full of well woven rhythms, rich melodies and sensible singing. A jewel to fall in love with." DE PERS - NL


"Xinti" - Sara Tavares