Katarína Máliková & Ansámbel

Katarína Máliková & Ansámbel
Katarína Máliková & Ansámbel
Katarína Máliková


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Line up

  • Andrej Turčin  (I. violin)
  • Janko Tomek (double bass, bass guitar)
  • Katarína Máliková (ead vocal, piano, keyboards, tamburin, wind instru)
  • Katarína Turčinová  (flute, fujara)
  • Klaudia Kosmeľová (piano)
  • Ondrej Druga (accordeon, vocals)
  • Tomáš Hríbik (drums, percussions)
  • Žaneta Mariňáková  (II. violin, tambourine)


Katarína Máliková composes, plays and sings music resonating with traditional authentic Slovak songs, art-pop, classical and world music.

She originally comes from Polomka in Horehronie, where she grew up among mountains and songs. The mystical nature of her home region left a strong echo in her music. Her debut album, called Pustvopol (taken from the archaic name for the forest district Pusté pole) immediately caught the interest of the media and the public, and quickly became one of the top albums in Slovakia.

“In my childhood I was touched by folklore and 90s’ pop culture, which hardly found its way to Horehron. Later, the dreams about the big city came, together with jazz - that was my remedy during my teenage years. My studies of classical music were also a big influence on me. Returning to my birth place Horehronie with the music of Telgárt, Šumiac, or Pusté pole will always be spots that I pass with feeling of something forgotten, mysterious and haunting.” (Katarína Máliková about herself)

In 2017 Katarína Máliková and her band performed at some of the most prestigious festivals and events in Slovakia and abroad, such as Pohoda Festival (Slovakia), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), EtnoKraków/Crossroads Festival in Krakow (Poland), World Music Festival Bratislava (Slovakia) or Budapest Ritmo (Hungary).
Album: Pustvopol (2016)

Annual Radio_Head Awards Winner in catego
Debut of the Year 2016
Critics´Award 2016, Genre: World Music/Folk 2016
Winner of the International Award at Czech Music Crossroads 2017

The Pustvopol album best ranking in the World Music Charts Europe – No. 8 in 4/2017,
(Top 20 WMCE also in 3/2017 and 5/2017)

„Pustvopol from Slovakia gets special attention in the World Music Charts. The CD stands for present and history, recorder and electronics have their undisputed place alike. Delicate feelings and strong gestures expand the artistic space. However it doesn't sound naive. It seems that Katarina Malikova always knows exactly what she is doing. I'm very excited about what comes next from this talent.“
Johannes Theurer – founder of WMCE, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

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