• country:India
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Global Fusion, Indian
  • label:Worldwide Records
  • artist posted by:WORLDWIDE RECORDS


According to the buddhists mythology, when the earth falls under the reins of the dark ages,the fifth universal buddha will manifest to turn the wheel of dharma and to liberate sentient beings from the cosmic delusion of maya.He will be called Maitreya (Sanskrit word for -supreme freindliness and love).Maitreya will lead countless beings out of their suffering and along the path to spiritual awakening by the power of his holy body, speech and mind he will guide the lost souls onto the path of dharma. At present the buddha maitrya resides in his own"pure land"(in a different dimension) called tushita,There he imparts mahayana teachings to many countless advanced bodhisattva disciples.
Born and bought up on the foothills of the himalayas, Maitreya aka Rajiv Agarwal was always facinated by the buddhist monastries mystically enveloped in the fog and mist the chants of compassion would resound through the valleys, opening him to subtle experiences of onesss with the universe. Given the Hindu upbring, he was exposed to the immortal wisdom of the vedas and the upanishads,the vedic mantras had become a very part of his being.Hearing these powerful mantras would evoke the same divine feeling in him as the buddists chants did. Thus he started on his journey trying to unlock the esoteric teachings of the ancient masters, of finding the real buddha nature. As years drifted,there was a growing urge for Maitrya to present the abstract subtle experiences which he gained over the years in a concrete form,and there could no other medium more sublte,abstract and concrete at the time than music.In 1999 with the composition of his first track'Amitaba' Maitreya was born.