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  • style(s):Classical, Indian
  • country:India
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc), MC (Music Cassette)
  • record posted by:WORLDWIDE RECORDS


Ronu Majumdar has played the rasa Gorakh Kalyan' as the starting piece. This is one of the most deceptive melodies of Hindustani music. According to the late Pt. K. G. Ginde, who was an authority on ragas 'Gorakh Kalyan' has emerged from moorchhana which is nothing but a variation of sequential arrangement of notes in ascent and descent beginning every time with a different note. This rasa has been in circulation for the last three and a half decades. The credit for bringing it into the orbit of concert performance goes to a section of the Kirana gharana singers. The note 'ma' occupies a special place in this rasa which excludes pa. The curve from the note Rishaba to Nishad is exquisite. Ronu Majumdar has treated us to an expansive alaap and jod portion. His delicate figurations are enthralling. The gat in Vilambit (slow) Rupak taal has an innate grace. Majumdar's fluent blowing invests the melody with warmth. He shows tonal variations by breathing a gentle hint of many overtones before arriving to rest in the dead centre of a full tone. Zakir Hussain's tabla is in deep symbiosis here. Both of them evoke the sombre mood of the rasa.

He has played the Rasa Jaijaivanti as the second offering. This late night melody has romance and splendour. Majumdar invests deep sentiments into his rendition of the rasa which uses both Shuddha and Komal gandhar.

Ronu Majumdar has lived in Banaras which is the seat of the thumri form. He has played a colourful Uttaranga Pradhan piece in the rasa "Mishra Khamaj", set to the taal dedra Zakir Hussain's laggis add to the bittersweet emotion of the song.

USTAD ZAKIR HUSSAIN has rhythm pulsating through his veins. Having grown up under the shadow of the great Ustad Alla Rakha who has been acknowledged the world over for his wizardry, Zakir Hussain has imbibed tradition which is reflected in his vibrant music. His international exposure has ignited his creative energy which has made him the biggest crowd-puller in the recent history. Ustad Zakir Hussain has won eulogies for his performances all over the globe. Today, he is not only the most sought after artiste but is also looked upon with respect as one of those rare tabla-players who have enriched the language of the tabla.

PT. RONU MAJUMDAR is a brilliant young flautist whose expressive musicality, lyrical style and virtuosity have endeared him to the lay listeners as well as the connoisseurs. Ronu Majumdar has over the last few years, achieved the status of a 'Young Master'. He has earned laurels in major cultural events in India and abroad. He has also received blessings from luminaries like Pandit Ravi Shankar Ronu Majumdar was initiated into the art of vocal music by the late Pt. Govindprasad Jaipurwale. He later became the pupil of the celebrated flautist Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao. Majumdar has several commercial releases to his credit. Endowed with a fine sense of pitch, Ronu's ability to extemporise scintillating patterns unfailingly creates a joyful mood in a concert.