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Xango Music is distributing labels with local music from all over the world in the Benelux, meet us at Womex at the Dutch stand.

We're looking forward seeing our existing business contacts and meeting new labels and musicians to work with on a distribution level in the Benelux countries.

Xango Music Distribution is an independent distributor of physical products (CDs & LPs), specializing in local music from all over the world, and operating in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). Xango Music Distribution came forth out of the desire to make more music available for stores and their customers.

A few words about how we work:
We are very active in representing and promoting new releases and would like to receive promotional material on new releases. Therefore we ask for at least 10% free copies of new items we order, to send out to press and radio programmers. The more free promo copies we get, the more promotion we can do.

We work on a consignment basis:
• We order stock with the record label, which the label sends to our warehouse.
• The cd’s/lp’s/dvd’s must have a bar code and must be sealed.
• We send quarterly sales statements, for which amount the label sends us an invoice.
• The invoice is paid within 30 days.

We sell to many different kind of shops: big chain stores (for example FNAC), small chain stores (for example Plato), independent stores (directly or through wholesalers), wholesalers, and internet stores (such as Amazon and bol.com). We work closely together with two other distributors (distributing different music but located in the same warehouse), which makes invoicing and sending orders to customers efficient and quick.

Check our B2B website www.xmd.nl for regular updates.

article posted by:Arnulf Den Boesterd, Xango Music