Rim Banna


A beautiful voice, a warm presentation and an enchanting performance; singing for love, humanity, childhood and homeland.
Rim Banna, a popular Palestinian female singer, lyricists and composers. She studied music and singing in the High Institute for Music “Gnesins” in Moscow. She graduated in 1991 after six years of academic studies, and specialized in modern singing and conducting singing ensembles. Together with her husband Leonid Alexeienko, a Ukrainian artist/guitarist, they form a musical duet, creating and arranging their productions and songs together.

Rim Banna presents the contemporary Palestinian Arab song and is highly appreciated in the Arab World. Her songs are inspired by the Palestinian people’s conscience, sentiments, culture, history and folklore. Lyrics are usually written by Rim herself, or are chosen from famous Palestinian poets. The music flourish from the soul of the poem and its streams, and from the feeling of the word’s rhythm, then comes the interweaving of the words and the tune, which produce the beautiful song, carrying us to the skies of Palestine and from there to the whole universe.

Rim performs the Palestinian folk songs in a contemporary musical style. In addition, she is well known for her singing of folkloric Palestinian lullabies, and lately she has taken part in the production of a CD focusing on lullabies from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan and Cuba and entitled “LULLABIES FROM THE AXIS OF EVIL”.

Rim has participated in many well-acclaimed festivals and concerts, locally and internationally, and has won many Arab and international awards, honorary degrees and badges. Lately she has taken part in a musical with the Norwegian singer “ Kari Bremnes” portraying the political situation in Palestine.

Rim has produced several albums, among which was a collection of songs for children. At the mean time, two new recordings are under production process. Her discography includes: “THE DREAM” (1993), “NEW MOON” (1995), “MKAGHAT” (1996), “Al-QUDS EVERLASTING” (2002), and “THE MIRRORS OF MY SOUL” expected to be released by the beginning of 2005.