Samir Joubran

Samir Joubran

Interprets his own compositions and improvises around classical and traditional pieces...“ Improvisations anchored in a knowledge of the Maqam genre, intelligently explored, revisiting traditional melodies… each note heightened by a certain quality of silence suspended somewhere between hope and rage. Sublime”

A virtuoso of the Oud, already hailed throughout the Arab World, Samir Joubran is now gaining wide international recognition, through continuous performances and tours in Europe and the world. Born in Nazareth in the Galilee, into a family embodied in a rich tradition of music, Samir was introduced to Oud by his father at the early age of five. Samir’s father, Hatem Joubran, is a prominent and renowned Oud-maker in the Arab world and his mother is a former Muwashahat singer. At the age of nine, he entered the Music Institute in Nazareth and in 1995, he graduated from Muhammad Abdel Wahhab conservatoire in Cairo- one of the most prestigious musical institutions in the Arab world- specializing in al Oud.

His talents as a composer and improviser quickly earned him the chance to work with leading artists and intellectuals within the Arab World, notably the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and the Palestinian film director Rashid Masharawi for whom he recorded the original soundtrack of the film “Ticket to Jerusalem” in 2002. Additionally, he worked as Oud instructor at a number of institutions and schools.

On stage, Samir performs in duo or trio formations with his younger brothers. Wissam Joubran, has a remarkable gift for improvisation and intelligent and harmonious transitions between the Arab Maqamats.

Samir has performed at some of the most important venues and festivals in the Arab world. In the past two years he has been intensively touring and performing in renowned festivals, venues and concert halls in Europe and the world. Samir has performed in; Egypt, Palestine, Qatar, Oman, the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Britain, Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Spain and many others. Samir Joubran discography includes; “TAQASEEM” (1996), “SOU’ FAHM” (2001), and his third CD “TAMAAS” a duet with his brother Wissam was released in 2002.