Soap Opera Ep COVER
Soap Opera Ep COVER


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  • artist:Waahli
  • region:Québec
  • release year:2020
  • style(s):Afro, Rap
  • country:Canada
  • formats:Audio File / Digital
  • record posted by:Yussef, Waahli
  • label:Wyzah Musk Prod.
  • publisher:Wyzah Musk Prod.
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Less than two years after releasing his first solo LP, Waahli drops Soap Opera in 2020, a short surprise EP, with a powerful new sound. This short EP reveals a more instrospective Waahli, who raps and sings his joys and pains over a colorful soundscape. His lyrics display an original take on relationships, surviving breaks ups, celebrating life and taking one's space. While we wait for a second full length record, this EP serves as a perfect summer appetizer.