Zaruk in Teatro del Arte, Madrid
Zaruk live in D/Memmingen
Zaruk press photo 1
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Madrid
  • style(s):Sephardic
  • label:Timezone Records
  • type:Duo, Trio, Quartet
  • artist posted by:Zaruk / Taracea

Line up

  • 1 - Iris Azquinezer (violoncello)
  • 2 - Rainer Seiferth (guitar)
  • 3 - María Berasarte (optional) (voice)
  • 4 - David Mayoral (optional) (percussion)


Zaruk – new sounds from ancient Sefarad

One of the most promising acts of the lively and creative Madrid music scene is «Zaruk», a duo by the Spanish cellist Iris Azquinezer and the German guitarist Rainer Seiferth. On their album “Hagadá” (2017 Timezone Records), both musicians take a fresh look into the old
songs of the Sephardic Jews, who were driven out of Spain by the end of the 15th century and settled down in different regions around the Mediterranean, like Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Their music has taken the aroma of those places, and their songs transmit all kinds of stories, legends, wisdom and practical knowledge, even cooking recipes…
The oral tradition of passing on these songs led to a huge variety of interpretations and instrumentations of the Sephardic repertoire. Zaruk makes use of this freedom by blending the traditional melodies with their own classical and jazzy musical background. In their original arrangements they bring together composition, improvisation, virtuosity and minimalism, creating unique sonorous images of deep expression and vivid colours.
Since 2018, Zaruk can also perform as a trio or quartet, together with the great basque singer María Berasarte and the percussions of David Mayoral.