Zend Entertainment S.A.S.

Our main objective is the realization of concerts and representation of artists at a national and international level.

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We are a company legally constituted in Colombia, whose main purpose is to carry out concerts and represent artists at a national and international level; 15 years of national and international experience allow us to have a permanent presence, artistic, academic and cultural activity in: Italy, France, Spain, the United States, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, that facilitates an academic, artistic, tourist and cultural exchange, allowing to generate international mobility that benefits the development of the countries.

The company has performed 57 international concerts in 9 countries of the world; Zend Entertainment S.A.S., has represented, produced and carried out projects by renowned artists such as: Grupo Galé (Colombian salsa group), Arturo O'Farril (Winner of 6 Grammy Awards), Rodolfo Argudín Jústiz Peruchín (Winner of the First Prize of the International Yamaha Montreaux Jazz Festival Competition) , Juan Carlos Rojas Castro “El Peje” (Winner of a Grammy Award 2011), Tomás Ramos Ortiz “Panga” - (Winner of a Latin Grammy Award 2001), Pierre Bertrand (Director of the Jazz Big Band of Paris), Winner of the Django d'Or (the highest European Jazz award), Giovanni Hidalgo (legendary conguero and one of the most recognized worldwide), among others.

During the last years, our organization has obtained important recognitions such as:

1) Chosen by Procolombia and the Ministry of Culture, to represent Colombia in the Womex 2020,
2) The only company in the Coffee Region of Creative and Cultural Industries, selected by Innpulsa Colombia to be accompanied by Master Advisors of the Acelera Región 2020 program.
3) Condor Awards 2019 Winners - Orange Economy Category.
4) Recognition by the French Government, for the important contribution to the Binational Artistic and Cultural Development (France - Colombia) 2019.
5) Recognition of the Mayor of Manizales through the Secretariat of ICT, Competitiveness and Business Development, as the company with the most traction in sales in 2019, of the "Manizales 100% Entrepreneur" program - Competition Course.

Additionally, we have been the only representatives of Colombia abroad in important International Panels, among which the following stand out:

1) Creative Economy Model - Sharing a panel with Marú Gálvez (National Director of Creative Economy Min. Culture Panama), Humberto Gonzales (National Director of Creative Economy Min. Culture Nicaragua) Roberto Osorno (Recognized as one of the 100 best directors de México - CIO 100), within the framework of ExpoPyme Nicaragua 2020.
2) Launch of the Prospera Program - Sharing a panel with Andrés Gribcow (Cultural Manager and Consultant in Public Policies for the promotion of Creative Industries - from the Empresa Factoría de Industrias Creativas Argentina), Máximo Jacoby (Cultural Manager and specialist in Creative Economy and Contemporary art of the company - Factoría de Industrias Creativas Expaña), Kennys Maltez (Coordinator of the regional business competition Yo Emprendedor - Costa Rica)