"Hijaz + Strings" - Hijaz



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Hijaz is a multicultural group that combines Eastern melodies with improvised jazz. Their music is based on the dialogue between oud and piano. ‘Hijaz’ refers to the Arabic musical scale but also holds a clear reference to jazz. More than ten years already, the band is weaving an intriguing web of Mediterranean warmth, polyrhythmic structures and musical virtuosity. For their upcoming album the band aligned with a cello and two violins, arranged for strings by bass player Ben Faes.

On this album, Hijaz observes the world around her during a pandemic and the climate crisis. Is there light at the end of the pandemic’s tunnel in Sun or no Sun? Will New York or the island of Jerba still rise to the surface after a heavy difference in tides caused by rising sea levels? Tideland makes you feel this up close, as if you were there yourself. In addition, Hijaz continues to deliver songs in their signature sound with a focus on dialogue between the musicians.

“Hijaz is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of the Belgian world music scene.” – Jazz in Belgium

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RELEASE CONCERT: tickets 16/06 at Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp