Zephyrus Music vzw

Zephyrus promotes, produces and manages bands from diverse worldmusic styles and jazz - brass, arabic jazz, ethio, flamenco, afro, tuareg, ...

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We are currently working intensively with:

Black Flower (ethiogroove - showcase Womex 2017)
Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá (colombia vs congo)
Myrddin (contemporary flamenco)
Hijaz (arabic jazz)
La Panika (gipsy brass)
Daniel Dzidzonu (togolese afrobeat)
Jamaican Jazz Orchestra

Zephyrus Records released 39 CDs and LPs uptil now, has a weekly radioshow called Radio Taxi (worldmusic on Urgent.fm) and is also organiser of some events around worldmusic (Copacobana, Trefpunt Festival / Gentse Feesten, Les Gouts de Gand, Ghent Flamenco Festival, ...).

participating in

  • WOMEX 2018
  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
  • WOMEX 2013
  • WOMEX 2012
  • WOMEX 2011
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009
  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007
  • WOMEX 2006
stand number WOMEX 18: B81, B83-B84, B89, B92


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Black Flower

El Sur




"Artifacts" - Black Flower

"Rosa de Papel" - Myrddin

"Abyssinia Afterlife" - Black Flower

"Chemsi" - Hijaz


"Novar" - Myrddin

"Imre" - Myrddin

"Dunes" - Hijaz