Cesare Dell'Anna and Opa Cupa

Cesare Dell'Anna and Opa Cupa
Cesare Dell'Anna & Opa Cupa
Opa Cupa Live 1
Opa Cupa


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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Balkan, Jazz
  • label:11/8 Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:brass, jazz combo
  • artist posted by:Zero Nove Nove

Line up

  • Cesare Dell'Anna (trumpet)
  • Opa Cupa (Balkan-Jazz band)


Opa Cupa is a musical experience from Salento that has been gracing prestigious stages throughout Europe and the US for 20 years. Their artistic project is characterised by the search of the musical repertoire of the Balkans, intersecting with the sounds of jazz and those typical of the musical tradition of southern Italy, resulting in something totally new and original.

Opa Cupa is the music that overlooks the Mediterranean, is located on the beaches of Salento in winter, it is the sea that separates our land from those that look out on the other side, is the despair facing crossings of hope, the bodies lost in the same sea that welcomes summer and refreshes. In their music the confluence of different people becomes the sincere expression of a colourful and unique regional culture, where Balkan sounds, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern blend to those typical of the musical tradition of Southern Italy to create an anthology of Afro-Balkan-jazz really exciting, original and nuanced.

Over the years, the explosive band led by Cesare Dell’Anna, has nurtured dynamic experimentation. The heart of Opa Cupa is in fact the continuous desire to experiment and get rich musically through the fearless exploration of new sound paths.