Cesare Dell'Anna and GirodiBanda

Cesare Dell'Anna and GirodiBanda
Cesare Dell'Anna and GirodiBanda
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  • country:Italy
  • region:Apulia
  • style(s):Folk, World
  • label:11/8 Records
  • type:Big Band, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:brass
  • artist posted by:Zero Nove Nove

Line up

  • Cesare Dell'Anna (trumpet)
  • Opa Cupa (balkan-jazz band)


On Friday, May 18th,10 years after the project started up with their first live album, Cesare Dell'Anna and GirodiBanda release the new album “Guerra”. In “Guerra”, the Madonnas are acclaimed for end the violence that continues to claim victims each and every day. “Guerra” pays homage to undeclared work, to illegal employment, and to work in factories.

The album, which contains 18 songs ranging from re-visitations of symphonic marches to songs in Italian and French, onto ones in dialect, contains the first single which was released prior to the album titled “Trump@, cavallo di ritorno palestinese” (“Trump@, Palestinian Horse Returning”): it is a song dedicated to the drama that children, women, and civilians are forced to undergo because of interests on the part of those who hold World power. One example being the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the position of the U.S. and their President Trump in wanting to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thus recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. These and many other ideas are addressed by Cesare Dell'Anna and Claudio Cavallo from the band Mascarimirì in the first single from the album that had its national premiere at the nineteenth edition of the Lecce European Film Festival. “Guerra” is the 18th production of the independent label “11-8 Records', with distribution by Goodfellas.
GirodiBanda is the type of music that gets created in a house that has no turntables, one which possesses the poetics of gestures learned by those who have never been able to set foot in a theater; it is classical music studied by way of band music adaptations. GirodiBanda is known for being the band which renews itself while keeping its melodic and emotional memory alive, always open to being cross-contaminated and influenced by the sea and the land, as well as by cultures and styles. GirodiBanda is a unique musical experience that highlights their great passion for this world of “banda music”, born out of humbleness and reverence for the classical music world, for all the risks involved in experimentation, and for the cultural and musical experience of people from the South and for all Southern parts of the world.

GirodiBanda is the result of longstanding research that recounts the cultural, artistic experience of the people of Salento. This “opera” stems from the desire to keep the music alive, and for it to continue being passed down: music which was created by and for the People; an expression of cultural genuineness, yet at the same time a refined one based on musical research.
The “banda music” phenomenon once seemed to be tied only to the nostalgic memory of it and to that of the older generations, or to those few fans of it who have been particularly motivated in recent years for it not to be one that only catches the attention of attentive and curious tourists. And yet, band music represents a vehicle for the act of gathering and for making available what is considered the most direct and lively of “cultured” music among all phenomena related to the spread of music; going all the way back to when radios or televisions were not yet present in homes.
With GirodiBanda, Cesare Dell'Anna sees his dream come true of bringing the folk of dance halls and the loudspeakers of street vendors all together under the same “cassarmonica”; the pizzica music genre and the singing tradition of our grandparents, the Balkan sounds that were transmitted and echoed through the Albanian radio waves that our fathers used to listen to on their way to work in the factories, or heard in Rom camps and at gypsy parties, Africans and their ethnic festivals, as well as jazz, and studies carried out at music conservatories; all strongly influenced by vast improvisational cues and arrangements for 'Corps Style' band ensembles.
The Cassarmonica (wooden bandstand), the quintessential stage which bands of Southern Italy perform in, turns into a kaleidoscope where musicians coming from different regions of the South and from Albania, Romania, and Senegal meet up and perform classical symphonic marches from band repertoires and unpublished compositions.
The ensemble, directed by Maestro Cesare Dell'Anna, is composed of a band from Puglia and the band Opa Cupa, which for almost twenty years has been working with mixing the musical tradition of touring bands with that of the rhythms and melodies of Balkan fanfares. For the album, the ensemble is enhanced by the participation of some of the most beautiful and representative voices of the Salento tradition who sing on it; these include Enzo Petrachi, Claudio Cavallo, Irene Lungo, Rachele Andrioli, Maria Mazzotta, Pino Ingrosso, Puccia, and Talla. The formation of over 30 artists is made complete by the presence of jugglers and street artists who add uniqueness, color, and extravagance to the entire travelling parade show.

Furthermore, through the record label 11-8 Records and the booking management agency Zero Nove Nove, GirodiBanda has started a partnership with the humanitarian organization Action Aid and are donating posters of the new tour to raise funds for various activities promoted in Palestine for Palestinian rights.