Saintrick, live at Bucarest
Live at Bucarest


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  • country:Congo (Republic of)
  • region:Central Africa
  • style(s):Afro
  • label:Zhu Culture production
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Zhu Culture

Line up

  • Davino (Lead Guitar)
  • Janvier (Drumer-Talking Drum)
  • Papis (Keyboard - Backing Vocal)
  • Saintrick (Lead vocal - Guitar)
  • Sassy (Backing Vocal - Dancer)
  • Serge (technician)
  • Sylvain (Percussion - backing Vocal)
  • Wally (Bass)


A singer of Congolese origin, Saintrick spent his childhood in both Brazza and Senegal. Like a Tchielly ("sparrow hawk" in the Wolof language), flying from the horn of Dakar to the powerful Congo river, Saintrick has now settled in Dakar after being exiled from his home country.

Saintrick has used his hybrid identity to create a new musical genre entitled YEKETI. YEKETI ("lift up" in Wolof) is the fusion of Senegalese Mbalax and traditional Congolese rhythms.

For Saintrick, Yeketi is the language of his life and the voice of his struggles. Using the Congolese Ngoma and the Senegalese tama percussions, fusing a 60's Congolese guitar style with the rhythmic marimba of Senegalese mbalax, with lyrics in Wolof and Congolese languages, Yeketi is a celebration of humanity.
Through song and dance, Saintrick and the Tchielly pay homage to their roots and explore friendship, peace, and human rights in a world that is too often divided.

Born in Brazzaville, Congo, Saintrick grew up in Dakar, Senegal until the age of 15. After experimenting with the harmonica, flute, and accordion, he settled on the guitar as his instrument of choice. Upon returning to Congo, with the help of his brother Luc (bassist), Saintrick founded the group "les Tchielly." After the deadly events that occurred in Brazzaville in 1997, Saintrick has been in exile, forced to set up his in Dakar.

A talented singer and dancer, Saintrick has worked hard to combine music, lyrics, and choreography to create a performance extravaganza. His new genre, called Yeketi, combines Senegalese and Congolese rhythms, and is a true fusion of West African and Central African sounds. Saintrick sings about sincerity, tolerance, peace, human rights and children's rights. Singing in Wolof, Lingala, French, and English, his message reaches across all boundaries.

Discovered at Masa 99, Saintrick continues to please audiences throughout Africa and Europe. A true spectacle of music and dance, with its electrifying rhythms and amazing choreography, Saintrick and the Tchielly promise to transport their audiences on a rhythmic voyage across Africa.