Ialma celebrates its ten years of career with a new CD entitled “SIMBIOSE” (Symbiosis).

Ialma is a group formed by five female vocalists, called ‘cantareiras’ in Galician: Magali, Marisol, Natalia, Nuria and Verónica. Though they are residents of Brussels, they still keep a vital link with Galicia, their homeland and main source of artistic inspiration.
The traditional sound characteristic of the ‘cantareiras’ merges with more modern songs, melodies and arrangements, giving as a result very fresh and lively songs which are an intelligent combination between pop and tradition.

When you listen to NA IAUGA (traditional Quebecer melody) Ialma invites you to dance and sing. They needed some nerve to compose a version such as “DANCE LIKE A GALICIAN” which is solved with great audacity and originality.

In ‘Simbiose” one can find characterisitc rap sounds and influences of medieval music together with their own compositions pervaded by the vast musical tradition of Galicia. It is undoubtedly an album to discover and enjoy.

In this new album Ialma are accompanied by a musical band that has been a part of the vocal quintet for the last ten years and that joins them also in live performances.

Ialma wants to symbolise its ten years of life through ten Galician artists, places and artistic disciplines which have somehow integrated into the group’s history: Enrique Otero, Restaurant ‘O 16’, Marco Méndez, David Aranda, El Puto Coke, Obradoiro Seivane, Carlos Blanco, Xavier Queipo, Terras Gauda winery and Serxio Cobos. Pictures and explanatory texts are to be found in the large libretto of the album.

Through the stage production executed by the Italian choreographer Katina Genero and thanks to the evolution of their vocal work, Ialma offers a more international dimension in their concerts without losing their roots.
They are currently preparing for a tour through different European cities.