• artist:QAYNA
  • style(s):Arabic
  • country:Morocco
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Zig Zag World
  • label:IGLOO MONDO


What a beautiful homage to woman this bouquet of poetry, music and singing constitutes. Addi and Abid travelled far in time to bring back to the public eye the beautiful, superb voices of the Qayna. Women of seduction and elegance, servants, women of rhythm and evocation.

The pre-Islamic period was rich in poetry and music. It was a time when women went from market to market, and house to house so as to dance and let men dream.
These voices steeped in the colours of time come back to us like a dream that awakens the senses. Like a voice steeped in the pain that words forgot to mention. The singing and music bring us to a terrace where the sun is as old and as mischievous as the poems written to break the shroud of silence.

There is something contemporary in this reunion with a legend: music does not stop at borders. An excellent encounter between string and so-called modern instruments. This album is a celebration of difference that sings, plays and stands out using poetry, the voice, and music that is unexpected, insolent and always creative.
Tahar Ben Jelloun