"Supersonic Flora" - WALTER HUS

Supersonic Flora - WALTER HUS
  • artist:WALTER HUS
  • release year:2018
  • style(s):Contemporary
  • country:Belgium
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Zig Zag World
  • label:IGLOO
  • publisher:Zig Zag World

Composer Walter Hus performs finger-breaking piano versions of some of the most radical pieces of his career.

For his new CD and concert tour SUPERSONIC FLORA, composer Walter Hus revisited some of the key workd of his career and turned them into brand new spectacular solo piano pieces.
The music on the CD ranges from Walter Hus’s most radical and minimalist inspired compositions from the eighties, through more rounded and melodicall oriented music from the nineties to a freshly written jazzy piece in memory of a friend.
All of his music was originally written for multiplayer combinations like string quartets or orchestras and had never been intended to be played using only ten fingers!