Ballet Gnawa
Ballet Gnawa
Ballet Gnawa
Ballet Gnawa
  • country:Morocco
  • style(s):Gnawa
  • label:ZoArt
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, dance orchestra
  • artist posted by:ZoArt

Line up

  • Chourouk El Mahati (dance - chorus)
  • Driss Aidar (percussion - chorus - karkabu)
  • Hassan Boussou (Gumbri)
  • Hassan Boussou (gumbri - vocal - percussion)
  • Khalid Sansi (Karkabu - dance - chorus)
  • Lucinda De Melo (dance - chorus)
  • Mohamed Ahakki (dance - chorus)
  • Mohamed El Gasmi (dance - chorus)
  • Mouad Aissi (dance - chorus)
  • Nabil Najihi (dance -chorus)
  • Nabil Sansi (Karkabu - dance - chorus)
  • Yassine Aboulakoul (dance - chorus)


A contemporary dance performance inspired by the movements, the emotions and the captivating rhythms of the ancient gnaw rituals. Accompanied by the live music of the acclaimed Gnawa musician Hassan Boussou.

Khalid Benghrib found his inspiration for the making of Ballet Gnawa in the Gnawa parade, a big fresco of the Morrocan culture. For this new creation, the French- Moroccan dancer and choreographer catapulted the movements and rhythms of the ancient rites onto the contemporary dance stage.

In his artistic work, Khalid Benghrib concentrates on anthropological themes. The Gnawa rituals proved in the past their value as cement for multicultural and hybrid societies. In this frantic and globalized world, they are losing more and more of their importance. Are we ashamed of our traditions? Can they still stimulate our imagination? For the creation of Ballet Gnawa, Khalid Benghrib explored the place of the old rituals in the dance world of today.

Born in Casablanca, Khalid Benghrib lives in France since 1986. He was initiated into classical dance by Colette Milner and into contemporary dance by Karin Weiner, Christine Gerard, Bertrand Papillon, Régine Chopinot and Didier Deschamps. He danced with the companies of Carolyn Carlson, Régine Chopinot, Jean-François Duroure, Fabienne Abramovich, Ariella Vidach, Heddy Maalem and Philippe Gentry. In 1998, he created Hors Champ en Haute-Savoie, a multidisciplinary research collective and becomes one of the pioneers of contemporary dance in Morocco. With Loren Palmer, he started his own company 2K.Far and oriented his research to the archetypes of Moroccan dance, cinema, poetry as their cultural codes and process of composition.