Zohreh Jooya & Ensemble Afghan
Afghan Music - Zohreh Jooya & Ustad Hossein Arman


A traditional song from Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey: “I want to go to the mountains to look for gazelles. Where are you Leyly – let us go together!"
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  • artist:Zohreh Jooya & Ensemble Afghan
  • featured artist:Zohreh Jooya, Ustad Hossein Arman
  • release year:2010
  • country:Afghanistan
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:ARC Music
  • label:ARC Music Productions International
  • publisher:ARC Music Productions International

Zohreh Jooya and Ustad Hossein Arman present music from the different regions of Afghanistan, supported by the Ensemble Afghan.

The Ensemble Afghan is dedicated to preserving the musical tradition of Afghanistan after the cultural destruction wrought by the Taliban. It’s a star gathering of artists with a repertoire spanning from the religious qawwali, poetic ghazal, traditionals from the villages to popular songs from the peaceful time. Songstress Zohreh Jooya, has released a number of albums exploring the musical heritage of her Afghan-Persian family as well as being an internationally known opera singer. Ustad (master) Sobeir Bachtiar is a master of the robab (Afghan lute). Ustad Daud Khan Sadosai is a famous robab and sorut player who also plays with the legendary “Ensemble Radio Kabul”. Rashmi Bhatt, a brilliant tabla player, completes the line-up of this top-class ensemble.

Zohreh Jooya and the Ensemble Afghan will be showcasing at WOMEX at 9pm, Saturday, October 30th at Studio 1 (Koncerthuset).