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  • AMIR-JOHN HADDAD (Oud,Saz,Bouzuki,Flamenco guitar,3neck elect guitar)

Amir-John Haddad is a multi-instrumentalist who offers us a unique concert under an innovative concept. It is a concert where Amir leads the audience through a variety of different musical styles exposing his large musical influences.

We owe the artist's concept to his cultural heritage. His Colombian mother and Palestinian father gave him his initial cultural knowledge and the fact that he was born and raised in Germany opened up his mind to the western culture. All the different music styles which he experienced at home and all the countries that he's travelled to since childhood come together in one language to deliver a very large musical vision and concept.

His further musical interest has led him to play different music styles such as Flamenco, Funk, Oriental, Rock, World music, Fusion, Folk, etc... and form many own projects like: Zoobazar, Members of Parliament, From East to West and "El Amir" Flamenco Sextet.

In this concert Amir has given himself the pleasure to bring together almost all the instruments he plays on one stage. Arabic electric oud, Turkish saz, Greek bouzuki, flamenco guitar, triple neck electric guitar come together on stage to blend traditional art with modern sounds. While listening to his music you will perceive many emotions, sounds, atmospheres that are shaped wisely and carefully into musical landscapes. "From East to West" will take us on a journey through different musical landscapes that emerge out of the Mediterranean culture and music. In a very natural and progressive way Amir will make us understand the universal language of music. He inspires himself in the geographical and cultural evolution from east to west and will be changing instruments in each composition to reflect the different Mediterranean areas with his music.

The show "From East to West" had its debut at the Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic 2010 and is recommended by theSpanish Theater Network called REDESCENA. Since then he has performed at the MIDEA Festival Tenerife Canary Islandsand Murcia Tres Culturas Festival.

In March 2013, "El Amir" released his new solo album "9 Guitarras". Executive production by Johannes Inhoffen from Mundo Flamenco and distribution by Galileo (Germany). A flamenco guitar CD with Mediterranean and oriental flavor. Nine original compositions, composed, produced and arranged by "El Amir". Each recorded with a different guitar built by the most recognized and prestigious guitar luthiers of the last forty years and kindly ceded by Mundo Flamenco.




Amir-John Haddad with some of his instrumentsAmir-John Haddad electric arabic oudAmir-John Haddad triple neck electric guitarAmir-John Haddad flamenco guitarAmir-John HaddadAmir-John Haddad buzuki


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Cuerno de Oro






Dos Palomas Vuelan

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


Al Mawsili

from new CD release - 9 Guitarras


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