Talya G.A Solan

Talya G.A Solan
Talya G.A Solan
Israeli Ethnic Ensemble
Israeli Ethnic Ensemble


Bulgarian traditional
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  • country:Israel
  • region:Middle East
  • style(s):Mediterranean, Acoustic
  • label:YaMa
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Zvi Yemini Music

Line up

  • Aviad Ben Yehuda (percussions)
  • Gilad Ephrat (double bass)
  • Idan Toledano (oud, bouzouki, guitar)
  • Pavel Levin (violin)


Talya G.A Solan & The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble
The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble embodies the rich cultural mosaic of Israel. The Ensemble's music comes to life in a colorful Mediterranean tapestry, combining Sephardic, Yemenite, Balkan, and original music as well.
The Ethnic Ensemble creates a uniquely Israeli sound and character, inspired by both ancient Jewish sources, and by the reality of modern Israeli culture.
To listen to the Israeli Ethnic Ensemble is to stroll the markets of Old Jaffa, to sip coffee in a cafe above the Mediterranean. It is to experience the beauty of Israel through a magical musical journey.
The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble is a five member band formed in 2004 by leading figures in the vibrant Israeli music scene. The Ensemble's musicians come from some of the many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that all call Israel home. The variety of languages, cultures, and musical styles they perform in concert makes for a truly unique, entertaining, and educational world music experience.
The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble are:
Talya G.A. Solan (vocals), Gilad Ephrat (double bass), Idan Toledano (guitar, oud), Pavel Levin (violin) and Aviad Ben Yehuda (percussion)