• 21-25 OCT 2020
  • Budapest, Hungary

WOMEX 16 Opening

The annual WOMEX festivities commence with a grand Opening Concert, focusing on music from a particular country or region and celebrating the start of five days bursting with music, networking and cultural exchange. Every year, the WOMEX Opening concert sets the standard for the rest of the expo.

The WOMEX 16 Opening took place from 20:00 on Wedneday, 19 October in the Auditorio de Galicia.

Iberians – Music Tapas Menu

The Iberian Peninsula is culturally and linguistically diverse and its music has many different sounds, colours and textures. Iberians – Music Tapas Menu shows this diversity by concentrating these flavours and smells into five small portions of music, much like the region’s other famous tasty morsels, tapas.

Through the music of Galicia, Aragon, the Basque Country and Catalonia, the show explores the richness of Iberia’s different languages, influences of other cultures and different identities, all just rich and diverse as its cuisine and its climate. This land, lapped by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, defines the culture of Iberia and connects it to Africa, America, Asia and the rest of Europe.

This welcome offers a musical menu of tapas: great dishes in small portions. Directed by Galician musician and producer Pedro Pascual, it presented a combination of all ingredients to create some truly exciting flavours.

  • Carmen Paris
  • Cuarteto Caramuxo
  • Kepa Junkera
  • Maria Arnal & Marcel Bagés
  • Talabarte

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Photos: Audience at the WOMEX 14 Opening, by Yannis Psathas; Carmen Paris, by Baylón; Kepa Junkera, by Santi Yaniz; Talabarte, by Pablo Giraldez.