• 21-25 OCT 2020
  • Budapest, Hungary

WOMEX 17 Opening

The annual WOMEX festivities commence with a grand Opening Concert, focusing on music from a particular country or region and celebrating the start of five days bursting with music, networking and cultural exchange.

The WOMEX 17 Opening will take place from 20:00 on Wednesday, 25 October in NOSPR concert hall. Join us after the WOMEX Opening for our Folk Dance Night at Królestwo Club.

For the Opening Concert, three Polish folk groups will freshen up perceptions of what folk music can be in the 21st century. The performers on show reinvent regional music traditions in their own way, making them ideal to start the first ever WOMEX in Poland.

Kapela Maliszów, Lautari and Vołosi will each perform their interpretations of the Polish musical heritage individually as well as collaborating on a few pieces with the Aukso Chamber Orchestra (Aukso Orkiestra Kameralna Miasta Tychy), conducted by Marek Mos.

Aukso Orkiestra Kameralna Miasta Tychy, by Krzysztof Lisiak
Aukso Chamber Orchestra
Kapela Maliszów
Kapela Maliszów
Lautari, by Tomek Ogrodowczyk
Vołosi, by Dominika Szczech

The WOMEX 17 Opening is supported by:

Folk Dance Night

The Opening aftershow party is open for all delegates from 22:30 - late at Królestwo Club.

The dance and music traditions of Poland are being revived. Old masters have new apprentices, and the Polish society returns to its roots. Dance parties, summer tradition camps, house parties and other spontaneous activities where live traditional Polish dance music is played attracts thousands of people all over Poland.

We would like to invite you to such a dance party after the Opening Concert. It will feature music that is live, full of spontaneity, as well as hypnotic trance. Mr Piotr Zgorzelski will host the party, with the following music troops to entertain:

Initiators: Janusz Prusinowski, Piotr Zgorzelski – Taniec Tradycyjny PL and Andrzej Teofil

Photos: Audience at the WOMEX 14 Opening, by Yannis Psathas; Aukso, by Krzysztof Lisiak; Lautari, by Tomek Ogrodowczyk; Vołosi, by Dominika Szczech; małpa potańc by LeszekSzczasny.