• 27-31 OCT 2021
  • Porto, Portugal

Award Winners 2018


Artist Award

San Francisco's Kronos Quartet is arguably the most diverse string quartet when it comes to repertoire.

ShoShona Kish

Professional Excellence Award

ShoShona Kish is awarded for her role in the ongoing revolution of upheaving indigenous communities and their culture.

Glitterbeat Records

Label Award

The WOMEX 18 Label Award goes to Glitterbeat Records, for the fifth year running.

WOMEX Awards 2018

Since the introduction of the WOMEX Award in 1999, the list of extraordinary artists and professionals from our community deserving of this special praise has continued to grow. The award honours exceptional achievements in world music on the international level; musical excellence, social importance, commercial success, political impact, lifetime achievement – any or all of these might make one a worthy recipient. Learn more about our award statuette below. WOMEX presents three awards every year:

WOMEX 18 Award



Award Winners


Award Winners


Award Winners

About the Award

The WOMEX Award statuette was created at a time when there was no such thing as Asia or Europe, black or white, First or Third World.

The Award figurine is an ancient mother goddess statue, dating back about 6000 years to the Neolithic age. It was found in Haçilar in modern-day Turkey and bears witness to the existence of a matriarchal society. Such a female goddess appears in many ancient mythologies as an initial primal figure, representing fertility and procreation either as the earth itself or as a mother giving birth to the world and all the creatures in it.

Supporting musical creativity and fertility, it is only fitting that the mother of all and everything represents WOMEX’s tributes to the Award winners.

What better symbol for our widely varied fields of music?

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